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The following stories and articles concerning use of languages in the business environment have recently appeared in the news. They are provided for interest and information only. Languages Today bears no responsibility for their accuracy or completeness, and is not responsible for the content or availability of external websites., October 05 2012

Big Think, August 05 2012

BBC, July 14 2011

Singularity Hub, January 12 2011

How Translation Software Saves Mother Tongue, June 22 2010

Using The Wisdom Of Crowds To Translate Language During Global Catastrophes, June 22 2010

Gooooooal in any language - Boston Globe expands its soccer blog's reach

Nieman Journalism Lab, June 16 2010

Language facts you didn't know about the World Cup...

Languages Today, June 11 2010

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg wows everyone with his German at a joint press conference, June 10 2010

The rise and rise of Spanglish, June 09 2010

10 essential BlackBerry apps for travel

Computerworld, May 27 2010

Google reveals phone translation via Goggles (check out the video link)

Silicon Republic, May 06 2010

'Historic' day as first non-Latin web addresses go live

BBC, May 06 2010

Icelandic Translators Enjoy Their Moment in the Sun

Wall Street Journal, April 30 2010

Translation feature incorporated into Office 2010 extends into Outlook 2010, March 31 2010

Machine translation 'on the cusp of delivering convenient yet reasonably accurate tools to decipher foreign languages'

Irish Times, March 19 2010

BBC debate demonstrates power of machine translation 

BBC, March 18 2010

International Relief Workers in Haiti Ramp Up Linguistic Capacity

Global Watchtower, January 19 2010

Audi Weathers the Recession with a Multilingual Windshield

Global Watchtower, December 03 2009

NEC unveils Tele Scouter 'translation glasses', November 03 2009

Web addresses may adopt non-English characters

cnet News UK, October 26 2009

Poor language skills 'hamper UK'

BBC News UK, September 09 2009

“Foreign” No Longer Means Under The SEO Radar

Search Engine Land, USA, September 08 2009

French paper goes global, risks ridicule with translation

Associated Free Press, USA, July 10 2009

Pedestrians left confused by road sign telling them to look different ways in different languages

BBC News, UK, July 06 2009

Star Trek-like universal translator a step closer

Computerworld, USA, June 30 2009

BCC and UKTI chiefs in joint drive to get more British businesses to recognise the numerous trading opportunities in foreign markets and start exporting, UK, June 08 2009

The Translator: A Strategic Problem Solver

International Trade, UK, April 11 2009

Translation and Localization Industry Grows Amidst Declining Business Confidence Levels, USA, April 04 2009

Translation error over 'cancelled' Airbus order

China Daily/Asia News Network, China, March 02 2009

The mystery of Ireland's worst driver

BBC News, UK, February 19 2009

Business Behind the Bamboo Curtain: Entering the Chinese market can deliver huge business growth, but it’s certainly not for the faint hearted.

International Trade, UK, February 19 2009

New lingua franca upsets French

BBC News, UK, January 23 2009

Chinese translation cuts out parts of Obama speech

Associated Press, USA, January 21 2009

For people living in developing countries, it can be difficult learning how to use technology when the language can't be understood.

American Public Media, USA, January 14 2009

Sales May Be Lost In Translation

Media Post, USA, January 05 2009

Having information in your customer's native language is critical for doing business internationally -- people won't buy what they can't read.

infonomics, USA, December 13 2008

Max Planck Institute punts 'hot, young housewives' - magazine cover 'confusion' over Chinese calligraphy

The Register, UK, December 12 2008

Enterprise Translation Systems Review

Beyond Search, USA, December 10 2008

Cisco plans TelePresence translation next year

IDG News Service, USA, December 09 2008

Google makes Wales Little Britain

BBC News, UK, December 01 2008

Translation error triggers melamine scandal News Agency, Kyrgyzstan, November 28 2008

Globalization 'boosting demand for translators and interpreters'

Washington Business Journal, USA, November 26 2008

A Translation Services Company, or Machine Translation?

Adapted from, USA, November 26 2008

Translation software aids CIOs with global ambitions

CIO, UK, November 25 2008

Microsoft Translator Goes Live

Softpedia, USA, November 25 2008

Lost in translation: The iPhone's accents problem

The Scotsman, UK, November 24 2008

The Art Of Translation

NPR, USA, November 22 2008

Translation mix-up brings China quake toll into question

International Herald Tribune, USA, November 21 2008

Moka Enables Skype Users to Translate Text Messages, USA, November 20 2008

English mangled on notice sent to voters

Montreal Gazette, Canada, November 19 2008

Economic Crisis? Some LSPs Ask “What Crisis?”

Global Watchtower, November 18 2008

Skrivanek Present 10-year Translation Industry Forecast at tekom Conference, November 17 2008

Google Wants to Let You Speak Any Foreign Language - Instantly, USA, November 14 2008

Joe Sixpack. Hockey Mom. Maverick. Challenges the US presidential election presents to foreign journalists.

New York City News Service, USA, October 20 2008


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