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How we work

Languages Today operates a strict quality assurance programme. This complies with the high standards set by professional organisations such as the Chartered Institute of Linguists, the Institute of Translators and Interpreters and the Association of Translation Companies.

All our translators meet the following crucial criteria:

  • they are all experienced, qualified, professional translators

  • they only ever work into their mother tongue

  • they have additional experience outside of translation in the field they have been asked to work with.

Your documents will pass through a number of rigorously enforced steps to ensure that the final, delivered product is completely accurate and fit for purpose:

  • at least two professional translators are assigned to each translation project

  • the first translator will translate the original document

  • the second translator will check, revise, edit and comment on the original translation

  • the first translator will be given the chance to comment on the suggested amendments

  • any unresolved issues will be referred to a third translator

  • the delivered document will undergo a final, thorough evaluation and checking process by a Languages Today project manager before being submitted to the client for review.



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