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To register with Languages Today Translators must be able to offer all of the following as a minimum:

  • a permanent address and verifiable personal identification

  • a valid email address and contact telephone number

  • a formal qualification from a recognised institution

  • references that can vouch for the Translatorís experience

  • a commitment to translate only into his/her mother tongue.

Acceptance of the Translatorís application

Applications are accepted from both individual Translators and agencies to join Languages Today. These can only be accepted through our online application procedure. Once an application has been received, it will be acknowledged and measured against the essential criteria set out above. Applicants may be required to provide additional information or hard copy documentation to substantiate the application. If it is decided that the applicant meets our selection criteria, he/she will be sent two copies of a formal contract specifying the terms of the relationship between Languages Today and the Translator. One copy should be kept for the Translator's own records, the other must be signed and returned to Languages Today. Only upon receipt of this signed contract by Languages Today will there be deemed to be any commercial relationship in existence between the Translator and Languages Today.


Database Maintenance

Once the above application process has been completed, the Translator's details will be placed on a database of languages services providers held by Languages Today, which can be amended at any time. The Translator should endeavour to keep Languages Today informed of any changes to these details so Languages Today can offer accurate and relevant information about the services provided. In addition, Languages Today will occasionally ask the Translator to review and amend the information it holds. If the Translator wishes to be removed from the database, please refer to the terms of agreement below.


Translation Enquiries

When Languages Today receives a project enquiry which it believe fits the criteria the Translator has specified for his/her translation preferences, the Translator will be notified by Languages Today of the enquiry, in writing via email, and he/she will be passed sufficient details of the enquiry, with the exception of the client's specific contact details, to enable the Translator to decide to accept or reject the project offer. Upon receipt of these details the Translator shall have up to one (1) working day to either accept or reject the project, based on the information we shall provide to the Translator. The precise period of acceptance or rejection will be specified by the project manager when the project is offered. Languages Today reserves the right to refuse to supply levels or types of information it considers irrelevant or unnecessary.

If the Translator decides to accept the project, he/she must confirm this in writing by email within the relevant period covered in the previous paragraph. When this confirmation has been received, full project details will be released.

In the event that the Translator decides to reject the project, this must be confirmed in writing by email within period covered above. The reasons for rejection must be specified and must be reasonable. In this event, the offer of the project will be withdrawn without prejudice and it will be re-offered to another party.

Failure by the Translator to confirm their decision either way within the period covered above will lead to the automatic withdrawal and re-offering of the commission to another party.

In all cases, the Translator agrees to be bound by the specific requirements of the project with respect to deadline, format or other such requirement.


Fees & Rates

There are no fees associated with the Translator application and registration procedure.

The rate for each project will be agreed between the Translator and Languages Today on a project-by-project basis. In all cases Languages Today will attempt to meet the earnings expectations of the Translator, but does not expressly commit itself to any rate for any type of project or any language pair.

The rate agreed between the Translator and Languages Today will be all-inclusive. Languages Today will not be concerned with considerations of local taxes or duties, nor for expenses incurred by the Translator with respect to the completion of any project.

It will be the responsibility of the Translator to correctly invoice Languages Today for all work completed. No invoice will be accepted from the Translator prior to submission, acceptance and approval from Languages Today of the completed project. Languages Today will pay all approved invoices within twenty-eight (28) days of receipt.


Terms of this Agreement

In all cases, the Translator agrees to observe and respect the clientís confidentiality and agrees that under no circumstances are any project materials or their contents to be used for any purpose other than with specific reference to the successful completion of the project of which they form a part.

In all cases the Translator agrees that copyright of any original or translated documents or files in any format shall be held either by the client or by Languages Today, not by the Translator.

In all cases, the business relationship shall exist exclusively between the client and Languages Today. The Translator undertakes not to attempt in any way to undermine this relationship, nor in any way to contact the client directly or indirectly, on any matters concerning past, current or future language-related projects or requirements, without the prior written permission of Languages Today.

If a Translator decides to stop offering translation services, Languages Today must be informed of this intention in writing at the earliest reasonable opportunity. Languages Today will confirm the termination in writing. All data relating to the Translator will then be removed from the Languages Today database.

If a Translator acts in breach of the agreement between themselves and Languages Today, for example by failure to deliver services of an acceptable standard, Languages Today reserves the right to terminate the agreement unilaterally and without notice.

If a Translator appears to be inactive or fails to respond to enquiries or communications sent by Languages Today, Languages Today reserves the right to terminate the agreement unilaterally and without notice.


Changes to the terms

Languages Today reserves the right to change the above terms, including fees, payment procedures, from time to time and in a reasonable manner. Translator will be given a minimum of two weeks' notice of any such change.


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